Mindset is everything! My 2017 Manifesto!

In fact, this is not my first blog, but it is the first one which is close to my heart. Firstly because I am focusing on the topics of my life that really matter to me right now and secondly because this is quite scary for me. Scary because I decided to try to write 100 blogs in one year. This may not sound a lot for anybody but it truly is for me. But please consider that I have at one hand a regular nine-to-five-job (and it’s of course not literally nine to five - it’s way more, probably this sounds familiar to you). And on the other hand, I have another full-time job in being a father to four kids from the age of two to twelve.

100 Blogs in one year. What’s it all about?

I don’t tell you all this because I want appreciation, admiration or even respect for that. I tell you this because this means, that my content will not be perfect. Unfortunately, I probably will not have the time to think everything through perfectly before I publish it. I will write it in German. Then I translate it into English. Then I post it. So what you will  get from me is the following:

1. My opinion on current corporate leadership (based on my experience for more than 10 years and on my general observations) 

2. Family Chaos (and the things I learn from being a father of four every day and how that affects my personal and my professional life)

3. My journey of becoming a coach (after my intense education during the past five years)

Help me transform leadership

It would be awesome if you share your opinion on my blogs with me. Regardless of the fact that your opinion is the same or the opposite of what I think, please share it with me because your sight on these things is the oxygen for me. And I really mean it that way because what I like to push further with this is to bring more heart into business. Together with you, I would like to create a new generation of leaders, who are not driven only by the rationality of their minds but also by the truth in their guts and the love in their hearts. And this is what I mean by mindset. This is mine.

What do you think? Let me know!

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