Current State Of Mind Means What?

The deeper meaning behind the word „state“ is really fascinating to me. State in terms of nature or quality or condition or status or even character. State is kind of a super-power-word. A person's state defines his point of view, how he feels and looks at the world - his perception. And this is transferable to companies as well. Companies can also have good or bad views of their state. They can develop indirect perceptions. Because I am targeting people behavior more than company behavior I am adding the „mind“ to the term state. The „state of mind“ for me includes the mental, emotional and spiritual condition and combines them to a representative assembly for any human being’s situation.

Your state defines the influence on every moment

So the "state of mind" defines your way of thinking and also your attitude towards other topics, things and people. I rather would call it mindset even when it is not the best paraphrase. Maybe it is also the fact that there is a touch of position or attitude in it which resonates with me. So at this point there is only the „current“ left to explain in its meaning to me. „Current“ stands for the moment itself. I think we are surrounded by people who look with regret into the past and with anxiety into the future although what matters most is the present moment. Especially because it is the only thing anybody can influence right now. So take responsibility for your „current state of mind“. 

There’s a famous quote from Zen Buddhism where some students asks their master how he manages to stay so calm and happy all the time and the Zen-Master replies:

When I stand I stand,
when I walk I walk,
when I sit I sit,
when I eat I eat and
when I love I love. 

And the students respond: We are doing that as well. What else do you do master. 

So the master replies again:
When you sit you're already standing up.
When you stand you’re already walking.
And when you walk you’re already at your destination.

the key of success is your attitude

Attitude as the „current state of mind“ is one of the few things one is actually in control of. You can refocus your vision and take control of your life by doing that. That thought contains completely new views of life and possibilities to master the adversities you are facing day to day. Anything that prevents you from exponential personal growth.

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