More heart for the head-ruled people, please!

I sometimes get the impression that all the people in the business world are first and foremost head-ruled. Day-to-day everybody is focused on controlling details, on time schedules or deadlines or spending their time in endless meeting sessions. I really wonder why so many people seem to abandon heart, soul, and emotions when they go to work. It’s insane to oppress those parts of your personality just for your job.

Showing emotions is a strength

Yes! It is important to have your financial controlling in order. Yes! It is important to know your schedule and try to be in time. And yes! Sometimes even meeting marathons are useful and worthwhile. But the amount of “heavy-headedness” in business, in my opinion, is too much. Maybe we should stock up a bit on emotions in corporate companies. It could make them better places to work. If executives trusted their heart more they could reach coworkers more often and deeper to establish trustful relationships. And that is part of the foundation of successful companies. 

So why showing your emotions at work is so often pointed out as weakness? That thought constantly irritates me. It gets even worse when this behavior starts to enter your private life as well, for example when parents try to transform their kids into little „thinking-robots“.

Clear the road for the conscious leaders

My experience is that gut decisions often play out better than head decisions. Especially Top-Managers seem to tend to trust their guts more than other people. Sadly, they overuse controlling expertise to backup their already made decisions instead of trusting in them. I’m confident that leadership gets really powerful when head, heart, and gut are starting to complement in decision making in a conscious form. It is time that the “ conscious leaders” take over.

What do you think? Let me know!

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