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I attended many conferences over the last decade. Often the speeches and keynotes are replaceable and lacking the real interest of bringing value to the audience. Most of the time you can tell exactly who gave the best speech, and it is always the one who brings the most value to the audience regardless if it is through comedy, knowledge, being authentic or a combination of that. So my goal is always to bring as much value as possible to your audience. Always.

As a speaker, you always have to compete for the attention of the audience with their smart phones, the coffee machine and discussions with other people. And I like to win that. If you book me as a speaker you will get:

  • enjoyable story telling
  • my emotions on the topic
  • provocative opinions
  • interactions with the audience

Over the last years, I have spoken on different occasions and to different audience sizes. The setting for me is always important and I design a perfectly fitting session for every situation. My favorite topics where I can deliver significant value are:

  • the current state of corporate leadership
  • how digitalization and a new generation of employees influence established companies
  • the development of a future proof leadership culture
  • fatherhood and what it teaches us about life and business

When you have the feeling that we might be a great match, then get in contact. I really appreciate you for considering me and i would like to speak about what we might be able to do together.

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