typology of management

As far as I can see there are three main kinds of dominating parts in corporate management. These are:

the manager

the entrepreneur 

the leader

Three types are dominating in management

The manager is strong in analytics. He knows the details and sees through the  structures . Numbers, figures and data are his favourite „food“. The manager likes reportings and makes his decisions  based on concrete factual information. He often has controlling personal qualities and likes clear agreements to  which everybody sticks .

The entrepreneur (former called businessman) looks forward into the future. He’s innovative and dedicated. He’s networking and wants to get things in motion. Trial and error is one of his personal quotes, and one success story out of ten attempts is a good rate. The future wants to be designed by him. 

The leader is close to his team. He inspires the people working with him and electrifies them. He finds allies and gathers people together over valuable topics. He communicates in a nearly perfect way and is accessible for everybody. Knowing and valuing the troubles and anxieties of his employees makes him the perfect supporter.

Know your ratio of leadership

Did you recognize yourself or is all of that verbalization far too extreme? Actually, from my point of view, every human and businessperson combines all these parts in variable percentages. When I look at the current state of businesses in Germany as far as I can see there are way too many managing aspects in corporate companies.

There is no right or wrong and probably no perfect mix of the three parts, but with the help of this distinction  everybody can identify his or her direction. And maybe it’s a good idea to surround yourself with people which are dominant in other parts than you are.

What do you think? Let me know!

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