There is something ambivalent about power. A depth and darkness that relates to history. In the past centuries and millennia, there have been many powerful men and women. Emperors and kings, presidents, artists, sportsmen, freedom fighters, gangster bosses, businessmen and many more. Some used their power for good and some for bad things. First of all, power is only the ability or the possibility to influence something or someone. Ambivalence arises from a second definition of power, which states that power is the force someone has because of their position or function, so that they can rule over others. Many have abused their power in this way.

Power and leadership

If one defines leadership as responsible guidance in a very generalistic way, then every leadership position, however it is created, contains power. And often the things in which power was used in history are hardly different from today's economic world. Instead of soldiers or subjects, employees are counted. Yachts, houses and cars are the castles of the modern times and gold was a status symbol then as now.

But what mighty people from history are the ones you respect most and why? I am impressed by people who have not inherited their power, but have created it by themselves. Not through wars and battles, but through words and alliances. And above all through mindset. Why do so many people look up to Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King? Because they had a clear mindset, mission and charisma.

Power is a test of character

This is no different in the economy. Leadership means being visible and recognizable in what you are and what you stand for. Leadership is therefore primarily a question of character. A question of attitude and self-knowledge. Everyone knows a leader who he would not respect because he or she doesn't pass the character test and everyone knows a upright person who is or could be an outstanding leader. Whoever is or wants to be a manager should know what he stands for and show this. This is the only way to deal with the responsibly of power that leadership entails.

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