3 New Work tips that can be implemented instantly!

"New Work" as a term is as appealing as it is diffuse. Above all, it can be flexibly aligned to what the individual user of the term actually wants to achieve. Incidentally, "New Work" shares this phenomenon with other fashion terms such as "agile", "failure culture" or "disruptive". Meaningful approaches, but often used variable and therefore sometimes watered down.

Now I simply use the freedom of definition to shape "New Work" for my purposes and give three specific examples that are essential for me. Essential because they are easy to understand and hard to misinterpret. But above all, because each of the examples can be implemented instantly. So to speak, the opposite of the often preached holism of these approaches, which I see basically as an obstacle to implementation.

Stop meetings

Perhaps a bit worn out as advice, but still overwhelming in its effect. The examination of the meeting culture usually results in lots of appointments and meetings that do not serve the actual purpose. The fact that they nevertheless take place can be traced back to a lack of empowerment of the employees with regard to free decisions as well as to over-control and uncertainty or various other reasons. Often meetings also seem to serve the purpose that individuals can talk a lot and for a long time. So: Have a look at every meeting and check the purpose. In case of doubt, the meeting should be canceled.

Establish a disruption team

Almost as often heard and as little truly used. The logic of the method is to give a group of colleagues the task of attacking the existing business model of the respective division or company. The key question here is: How can I drive my company/my division out of the market as quickly and efficiently as possible? The approach can be implemented immediately everywhere and the results are often amazing.

Remove rules

Rules and guidelines are mostly designed to stabilize the status quo. Unfortunately, individual mistakes or specific events often become birth helpers for new rules that minimize risks and prevent further mistakes. For innovation, however, there is hardly anything more deadly than rules. Check each rule and restriction and ask yourself why it exists and whether the purpose of existence is meaningful. Freedom will be the result.

My tip for the implementation: Start with one of the points and start immediately. Good luck! 

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