I suppose that for many people it is a great if not the greatest goal to fully unfold one's inner self or personality. To realize oneself, so to speak. In other words, to bring to light the part which corresponds to one's own essence. However, this goal is often not present in everyday life. On the one hand, this is due to a lack of focus, because other things are constantly coming to the own attention. On the other hand, it is because many people do not have a clear idea of what the self is, that it has to be realized.

A constant stream of distraction

In my everyday life there are only a few moments when I really come to rest. There are of course reasons for this: Work, family, friends, hobbies. There's always something coming up. But in these rare moments of reflection, my thoughts often revolve around what I really want in life. What do I want to stand for? What do I want to achieve? Who am I? In these moments, then, it is much about my own self-realization. I then make far-reaching decisions and try to change certain things. But as soon as the everyday life picks up speed again, all this often fades into the background.

Who am I and what is my main concern?

As disturbing as it is to be distracted from one's own self-fulfillment in everyday life, it is already a great achievement to know what one wants. It is much more tragic when people don't have a real idea of who they are and what their biggest concern is in life or in a period of life. Often people focus on typical goals: Being successful in your profession, for example. Or make a lot of money. Or start a family. I do not mean to say that these are not desirable objectives, but what is the real self-realization behind these objectives?

Know yourself

How unattainable it must be for some people to really understand themselves. Or how ridiculously simple for others who think they know themselves very well. In my experience, one must first of all remove some layers of beliefs and convictions before one can really begin to understand oneself and to realize oneself. Just ask yourself what you stand for and who you are. What does the answer feel like? Do you feel anything at all? Are these really your own goals or those of other people? It takes a lot of courage to really want to understand yourself. But on the way to self-realization it is the first big step.

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