What does leadership actually mean and how does a leader differ from a manager?

For over 10 years I have been observing people in different types of leadership situations. What I noticed most of all: a bad leadership style makes people unhappy and companies less successful. This is particularly painful to see, because sometimes it would be so easy to support employees better. Often it just takes a little more empathy and emotional intelligence instead of false pride about a current position in a company.

Real leadership needs consciousness and this requires a focus on yourself. Achieving clarity about who you are and what you stand for is the crucial factor in being a real leader. An important part of my mission is therefore to bring more emotional intelligence and more heart into modern leadership. I am convinced that this is the most important success factor to make companies better and more profitable places.


During my journey through established leadership styles and new ways to lead I have learned to love to question and develop myself. Especially the own effect on others in comparison to self-perception never gets boring. So it was only the next logical step for me to become a coach. I have completed various trainings in areas such as personality development, team development, resource management, mission and vision development as well as body therapy approaches. Today I combine my applied methodical knowledge with my experience in business and a large portion of intuition. 


I met my wife while I was finishing high school in 2000. 2005 our first daughter was born. I was still in college at that time. Two more daughters followed in 2009 and 2013 before finally our first son arrived in 2015. Our fifth child and fourth daughter now makes us a family of seven. So you can imagine that our home is never quiet and hardly ever tidy and I love that (most of the time!).

The main reason why I mention my family here is that over the years, I recognized many parallels between being a father and leading company projects. I actually sometimes use experience from my life as a father to manage problems or to see things differently at work. And because of that you will see family topics in some of my blogs.

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