I have seen many styles of leadership over the last 10 years in my corporate career. During that time, I learned how bad leadership can affect people in a negative way and how easy it actually is to help people succeed by using emotional intelligence instead of false pride about a current position in a company. 

Five years ago, I started to take more interest in leadership topics and began different types of further education in leadership, which were first and foremost deep-dives into my own personality. Self-awareness is for me the essential key to leadership excellence. 

Part of my mission is to put more heart into corporate leadership, because I strongly believe that this would make companies a much better and much more profitable place.

Starting as a coach

During my crusade through leadership topics, I literally got addicted to pushing myself forward in self-awareness and my most recent achievement here was finishing a personally and methodically challenging coaching education, which took just over three years. I now feel ready to combine that knowledge with my experience in the world of corporate business. Starting my career as a coach I would love to share my adventures with you.


I met my wife while I was finishing high school in 2000. 2005 our first daughter was born. I was still in college at that time. Two more daughters followed in 2009 and 2013 before finally our first son arrived in 2015. So you can imagine that our home is never quiet and hardly ever tidy and I love that (most of the time!).

The main reason why I mention my family here is that over the years, I recognized many parallels between being a father and leading company projects. I actually sometimes use experience from my life as a father to manage problems or to see things differently at work. And because of that you will see family topics in some of my blogs.

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